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Featured Vendor: INEOS ABS Corporation

INEOS ABS is the world’s third largest supplier of ABS, with annual sales in excess of 730,000 tonnes. Seven production sites in Europe, the United States, India and Thailand employ 1550 personnel. 

Customer focus is achieved through four regions: Europe; Canada, USA, and Mexico (NAFTA); Asia/Pacific (APAC); and India. Each has dedicated sales and technical service teams, with product portfolios adapted to meet local market and customer requirements.

INEOS ABS is a subsidiary of INEOS, the worlds 3rd largest petrochemical manufacturer, with  64 production sites located in 14 countries. 


  • Business        Leading ABS producer worldwide with plants in Germany, Spain, USA, Thailand and India 
  • Turnover          € 800 million
  • Employees      1,550
  • Heritage          Bayer, Monsanto and LANXESS
  • Sales Volume  730 ktpa
  • Applications   

                           - Electro/Electronics (white goods, small appliances, telephones, computers, printers) 
                           - automotive interiour 
                           - automotive exteriour 
                           - toys
                           - cosmetic packaging 
                           - sheet extrusion 
                           - diagnostic devices 
                           - medical dosing systems 
                           - plating applications
                           - medical testing kits 
                           - pipe and fitting applications  
                           - smart cards 

Learn more about INEOS ABS :>

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